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Are you in need of a fitness spokes model or product representative? You've read my story and you can see that I can easily relate to your customers. I can speak to them from the heart, because I've been in their shoes. I've been heavy and out of shape, and I've had to struggle and fight to lose every pound. I'm finally happy with health, and I want to help others feel as good about themselves and their health as I do.

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I have had many goals with weight loss and nothing seemed to work. This year I wanted a change. I wanted to get healthy, see weight loss and be fit. I started to work out and lost a few pounds but my results on my own were not to my liking. So one day, I saw a poster about a personal trainer at my local gym. Melissa's poster inspired me to get that extra push that I was looking for. At our first meeting she took the time to help me get on a healthy meal plan, ask me what my goals were, but most of all she made me believe that I can achieve them. I enjoyed her talent so much that not only I signed up once but twice. She has educated and shown me several varieties of different techniques. I see results and I'm loving the new me. I am stronger and most of all my confidence in myself has grown. I'm grateful to have her as my personal trainer.

~Ce'Kedra Cole