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Melissa Fillmore, NPC Figure Competitor, Personal Traiiner, Fitness ModelBodybuilding was the furthest thing from my mind when I decided to get healthy. I just wanted to be stronger, have more energy, like my body and be fit. Four years later, I can say I have all those and more.

I went from 209lbs and over 45% body fat to competition ready at under 120lbs and under 10% body fat. All while handling the busy lifestyle as mother to 5 children, wife, taxi and working full time.

There have been those who have not been supportive. Some have even been extremely derogatory and mean spirited. I am grateful for them. They give me the fire inside to keep going. To show them what I'm made of; to prove them wrong. Today, I love the stage. I use my dedication to show a better "me" everytime. I enjoy inspiring others to work hard and improve themselves.

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