The First Step

I was once in your shoes, and believe me, taking that first step towards health and fitness is the hardest.

You've read this far, now it's time for action. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, get back in shape, or you're a weekend warrior, I can get you on the path to that feeling of well-being you've been missing. Simply contact me, and tell me what you need.

We'll do this together!

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You can train with me at:

Broadmoor Fitness
5296 Outlet Dr
Pasco, WA 99301

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Broadmoor Fitness
910 s. Columbia Center
Kennewick, WA 99336

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Train with Melissa

Melissa Fillmore Personal TrainingHEALTH IS A BALANCED LIFESTYLE

My goal as a personal trainer is to help you build the best "you" possible. We work with both the physical and mental aspects of being healthy. I feel my job is to help educate, motivate and guide my clients in helping them design a healthy lifestyle. We set realistic and achievable goals. I stress the long term benefits of building strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness; all of which can lead to a better appearance, positive outlook on life and greatly improve self esteem.


As a beginner, there are benefits to using a personal trainer to achieve your goals. Learning the correct form and technique in exercising will help you avoid injury and maximize results.

Even athletes need trainers. We provide motivation, support and guidance. A trainer will push you through the hard times, pull you through the weak moments and pick you up when you are down.

I love being on your team. I am your biggest fan!!

Melissa Fillmore Personal TrainingEDUCATION

Bachelor's Degree in Education. Three years experience as a personal trainer and currently working to certify in nutrition. I enjoy research and have been studying micronutrients (vitamins and supplements) as well as nutrient timing.


Strength and Bodyweight Training, Plyometrics, Interval and Circuit Training, Kettlebells
Cardiovascular and Endurance
Nutrition - macro & micro nutrients
Mental Health - goal setting, self esteem, empowerment, confidence building, avoiding sabotage


Marathon training (endurance)
Weight Loss
Public Awareness and Education

***Training designed to your individual lifestyle and goals.***

Melissa is more than just a trainer. She is a person who cares about each of her clients' emotional and physical success. She knows what it takes to succeed and makes it her personal desire to see that you succeed. With Melissa's help I lost 25 pounds and ran my first half marathon at age 57!

~Peggy E.